Elevate customer experience

Elevate customer experience

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  • Loyalty Module

    With your customized restaurant rewards and loyalty program, you increase brand loyalty and customer retention. We allow you to fully configure your own branding and business rules. Our insightful reporting helps to measure the efficiency of the rewards system and further optimize it.

    • Fully configurable levels and rewards
    • Configure your own business rules
    • Customer and rewards analytics
    Customer Loyalty Solution
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Know what your customers think and make the life of consultants easier. The reviews and NPS help your restaurant chain understand customer perception of products, stores, and services. Use this valuable feedback to optimize results and improve the performance of your stores.

    • Review Dashboard
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Chain-wide and focused view
    Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Consumer Data

    Understand your customers better and obtain actionable data chain-wide and focused. Our restaurant software covers the complete order journey and integrates with the payment and delivery providers. This allows you to obtain data from every step of the customer journey to improve your products and service end-to-end.

    • Customer information
    • Consumer preferences
    • User trends
    Customer Data Management
  • Chain-wide Business Data

    Obtain actionable data and reporting chain-wide. We cover the complete order journey and integrate with the payment and delivery providers so that you obtain data from every step of the order journey to improve your business operations end-to-end.

    • Chain-wide reporting
    • Focused store reporting
    • More than 40 reports at your availability
    Chain-wide Business Data
  • Payment Provider Integrations

    With our extensive network of international payment provider integrations, you offer your customers a seamless payment experience.

    • Strong partnership
    • Easy integration
    • Flexible set-up
    Payment Integration Services

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