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  • What is S4D?

    At S4D we offer quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains an all-in-one SaaS platform, consisting of an e-commerce platform, a cloud-based POS, kitchen displays, a delivery system, and chain management tools.

    Our mission is transforming the QSR industry by empowering restaurant chains to do better business with one unified platform that is connected, real-time and frictionless. We bring an extra dimension to QSR chains by helping them become entirely data-driven and fully control costs and food operations. We also help to manage customer satisfaction in a more efficient and quantifiable way.

    Our partners, such as New York Pizza, Apache Pizza, TelePizza, PizzaHut Bakker Bart, and Verhage,  are amongst the fastest-growing QSR chains in Europe.

    We are active in more than 10 countries worldwide and were amongst Deloitte’s technology fast 50 in 2022 as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Netherlands

  • How do I know my QSR chain will benefit from the S4D software?

    During an in-depth Discovery Phase, we will compare your current order management system and analyze your needs.

    On this basis, we will compare the capabilities of our omnichannel solution and map them out before we start a Pilot Phase in selected stores. This ensures that expectations will be met.

  • How does the implementation process of your restaurant solution look like?

    During a Discovery Phase, we understand what system requirements and needs your QSR chain has. During the Build Phase, the menu and website layout are created and any custom-required functionalities are built by our team. During the Pilot Phase, the system setup will be tested in 1-5 stores. Upon the successful pilot, we follow a rollout plan to equip all stores with the solution. As part of our partnership, we will continuously work with you to make sure we provide you with all the digital ingredients for your business success.

  • What will the software implementation in our stores look like?

    After the successful Pilot Phase during which the software is already running smoothly in the first stores, we will work together with your headquarter team to plan training sessions, installation, and launch across the complete restaurant chain.

  • What does the S4D support structure look like?

    Partners have a dedicated Customer Success responsible to ensure a smooth partnership.

    In addition, we offer support via WhatsApp chat, email, and phone seven days a week. Our support agents are trained to speak various languages to help in an efficient manner.

  • Do stores still need their third-party delivery provider tablets?


    Thanks to integrations with the major and local third-party delivery providers, orders from these platforms will be integrated and prioritized on the kitchen display.

    The seamless integration eliminates the need for additional tablets next to your point of sale (POS).

  • What does the pricing structure look like?

    The pricing depends on the final product package tailored to your QSR chain needs.

    Together with you, we will identify which solutions and add-ons can help you to achieve your business targets. On this basis, we will create a suitable plan.