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About us

S4D, formerly known as Solutions 4 Delivery, is the ideal software partner for delivery-focused restaurant chains. Our solutions cover ordering, preparation, delivery, management, and data technology.

We empower ambitious restaurant brands like New York Pizza, Spare Rib Express, Apache Pizza, Belchicken, and many more to outperform competitors and hit their business goals.

Our mission

…is to empower restaurant chains to become data-driven e-commerce enterprises with our omnichannel solution. With constant innovations, we ensure a future-proof business for restaurant chains, serving as their trusted software partner every step of the way.

Our vision

…is to lead the restaurant industry’s digital transformation, becoming the one trusted digital partner for ambitious restaurant chains worldwide.

Who are we, and what do we stand for?

S4D is a young and innovative company powered by its incredible team. As our logo symbolizes, we are the beating heart of growing quick-service restaurant chains. With our team's proactive attitude and our powerful software, we are much more than a digital provider. We are a true partner for restaurant chains, driving their success every turn.

Benjamin Kool

CEO & Co-Founder at S4D

The guiding principles of our team:


We believe in fostering creativity and continuous improvement, encouraging the development of new ideas, and embracing a culture of openness.


We value taking initiative and being forward-thinking, anticipating challenges and opportunities to ensure proactive solutions and sustained growth of our company.


We believe in the power of a positive mindset. We see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow, having our sight constantly on opportunities and solutions.

Benjamin Kool

Benjamin, our CEO, apart from his entrepreneurial skills, brings expertise in the field of eCommerce. With his expertise and leadership skills, Ben is adeptly steering our company’s strategy, finance, growth, and product development. His modern approach and understanding of market dynamics are key drivers to transforming restaurant chains into data-driven e-commerce businesses.

Philippe Vorst

With over 25 years as the CEO and Founder of New York Pizza and Euro Pizza Products, Philippe brings invaluable expertise to S4D. New York Pizza stands as the largest and fastest-growing pizza chain in the Netherlands, amplifying our solutions’ benefits for pizza chains.

Maarten Alleman

Maarten is the founder of the IT-development company about:blank and the CEO of global data company Perseuss. Maarten helped creating the digital infrastructure of New York Pizza for over 5 years and has led the development of S4D.

David Beentjes

David, managing partner at ClickValue, part of Level Up Group, merges e-commerce proficiency with extensive digital marketing expertise. ClickValue, is among Europe’s top digital marketing firms. With 10+ years in quick-service restaurant marketing, David’s guidance enhances our team’s capabilities.

We've been delivering solutions since day one...

  • 2024

    Officially expanded into the Scandics, partnering with Kotipizza, Finland’s largest pizza chain.

    Started delivering our solutions to the fastest-growing chicken chain in Belgium, Belchicken.



  • 2023

    Rebranded from “Solutions 4 Delivery” to S4D, in line with how our partners have been calling us.

    We launched our solution in the United Kingdom (UK), onboarding Herbies Pizza.

    Our app solution has been rated above 4.5 stars on iOS and Android.

    We won Deloitte’s Fast 50 award for the second year in a row.

    We launched our E-commerce 2.0 solution.



  • 2022

    Our team grew to more than 75 employees.

    We launched our new App solution.

    We transitioned from a cloud-based to a fully cloud-native solution and became ISO-certified.

    We were officially active in more than 10 countries, expanding to Belgium and Germany too.



  • 2019

    We launched our solutions at all the 160 stores of New York Pizza.

    We went from processing 1,000,000 per year to a whopping 10,000,000 orders within just one year.




  • 2017

    Solutions 4 Delivery was founded by a skilled team (Benjamin Kool, Philippe Vorst,  Maarten Alleman, and David Beentjes), supported by New York Pizza.



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Check our careers!

We are looking for ambitious people to join our team.

Check our careers!

We are looking for ambitious people to join our team.

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