Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

Have all your data easily available to make data-driven decisions. Understand what is effective, optimize where needed, and witness your revenue multiply.

Manage your restaurant chain more efficiently

Obtain an overview of your business and measure your performance with just a few clicks. Leverage our PowerBI integration.

Examine insights into the store performance

Store managers can instantly assess their store's performance through 150 POS reports and effortlessly compare it with other locations using performance data and NPS.

Take personalization to the next level

Analyze customer behavior and order data. Make decisions in line with trends established by industry-leading restaurant chains.

Make data part of your strategy

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Check out our solutions for data-driven decisions

  • Chain-Wide Business Data

    Obtain actionable data and reporting chain-wide. We cover the complete order journey and integrate with the payment and delivery providers so that you obtain data from every step of the order journey to improve your business operations end-to-end.

    • Chain-wide reporting
    • Focused store reporting
    • More than 40 reports at your availability
    Chain-Wide Business Data
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Know what your customers think and make the life of consultants easier. The reviews and NPS help your restaurant chain understand customer perception of products, stores, and services. Use this valuable feedback to optimize results and improve the performance of your stores.

    • Review Dashboard
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Chain-wide and focused view
    Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Consumer Data Management

    Understand your customers better and obtain actionable data chain-wide and focused. Our restaurant software covers the complete order journey and integrates with the payment and delivery providers. This allows you to obtain data from every step of the customer journey to improve your products and service end-to-end.

    • Customer information
    • Consumer preferences
    • User trends
    Consumer Data Management
  • Reporting Tool

    Enjoy easy access to ready-to-consume data analytics and reports. Compare performance and expenses businesswide, for multiple stores, or per individual store. Get accurate insights to grow your profitability.

    • Real-time data
    • Access from anywhere
    • Customizable reporting available
    Reporting Tool

Actionable Data – The main ingredient to grow your QSR chain

Restaurant chains can improve operations and optimize the customer journey by gathering chain-wide data insights. Chains with complex business structures rely on connecting data sources to obtain accurate information and actionable reports.

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New York Pizza

“Since the introduction of the S4D platform in 2017, we have been able to exponentially scale our business to more than 350 stores. At each level, we have full control, desired flexibility, and real-time actionable data to do better business.”

– Philippe Vorst, CEO and founder of New York Pizza

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