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Unlock your restaurant’s potential with our comprehensive, omnichannel solution for restaurant chains. Discover all the digital ingredients to grow your business with only one trusted provider.

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Improve restaurant chain management

An open laptop with a screen where menu can be updated centrally for all sales channels
  • Central Menu Management

    Manage and configure menus for stores and all channels in one central system. Stores can localize the menu when needed while customers enjoy a consistent order experience across your restaurant chain.

    • Centralized menu creation
    • User-friendly design
    • Cloud-based
    Central Menu Management
  • Store & Chain-wide Reporting

    Enjoy easy access to ready-to-consume data analytics and reports. Compare performance and expenses businesswide, for multiple stores, or per individual store. Get accurate insights to grow your profitability.

    • Real-time data
    • Access from anywhere
    • Customizable reporting available
  • HR Module

    Human resource-related topics can be easily handled within our HR module for restaurant staff management.

    • Manage access rights
    • Staff planning
    • Digital and editable
    HR Module
  • Inventory Module

    Start understanding stock levels, costs, and sell-through rates with our Inventory Module and enjoy an overview of the movement of goods across your restaurant chain.

    • Digital stock management
    • Estimated and actual stock-level reports
    • Cost tracking
    Inventory Module
  • Delivery Management

    Delivery is our expertise. We enable you to optimize sales with dynamic delivery areas and full fleet management. Stores can manage the delivery service and driver fleet as part of our omnichannel solution for restaurant chains. Delivery management has never been easier.

    • Dynamic delivery areas
    • Real-time driver tracking
    • Vehicle and fleet management
    Delivery Management

Increase revenue

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    With our cloud-based Point of Sale system, you simplify the operational workflows in your store. An intuitive order intake and automated workflows make it easy to operate. The functionality is tailored to meet the needs of restaurant chains. It offers takeaway, pick up, delivery as well as dine-in features.

    • Cloud-based
    • Hardware-independent
    • Built for restaurant chains
    Point of Sale (POS)
  • Website

    Add a feature-rich website to increase online orders and enhance customer experience. Our website is constantly tested to improve conversion and stay ahead of the competition. It integrates seamlessly with the restaurant POS, Kitchen Display system, and Delivery system in order to provide a transparent flow and optimize data collection.

    • Conversion optimization
    • Customizable branding
    • Mobile-first design
  • Consumer App

    Gaining a position on the mobile device of your customers is essential in the modern era. We enable you to launch the app in your brand, allowing customers to order directly via your own app to increase online orders that you deliver yourselves. The app is optimized to simplify re-ordering and provide your customers with a branded and unique experience.

    • Available for iOS and Android
    • Optimized for positive reviews
    • Customizable branding
    Consumer App
  • Self-Order Kiosk

    With our Self-Order Kiosk, you add a reliable order intake system to your restaurants that takes no vacation days. Customers can order contactless and enjoy full privacy.

    • Cloud-based
    • Intuitive design
    • Built for restaurant chains
    Self-Order Kiosk

Prepare & deliver efficiently

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)

    Our cloud-based Kitchen Display System (KDS) integrates fully with third-party delivery providers and all S4D sales channels so that every order can be efficiently prepared by kitchen staff, and you have all orders in the same place for them.

    • All orders integrated into one place
    • Intelligent ingredients order
    • Automated prioritization
    • Additional pack screen
    Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Driver App

    Equip your drivers with the tool to keep stores and customers informed about their exact location while delivering. Easy navigation and GPS improve efficiency throughout the whole order journey.

    • Increased employee engagement
    • Multiple languages available
    • Real-time order tracking
    • Transparent customers updates
    Driver App
  • Dispatching Display

    Give your stores a tool to efficiently assign vehicles and delivery orders to your drivers. Provide customers with increased order accuracy and delivery of fresh food thanks to item reminders and delivery tracking.

    • Cloud-based
    • Delivery tracking
    • Order allocation on map
    Dispatching Display
  • Delivery Platform Integration

    S4D provides easy and structured integration with third-party delivery providers to serve your customers from the platforms of your choice.

    • UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat Takeaway, and more
    • No more additional tablets
    • Cloud-based
    Delivery Platform Integrations
  • Pack Display

    Our Pack Display helps restaurant staff ensure every order can be efficiently packed with all the desired products.

    • All order items in one place
    • Preparation status per order item
    • Automated prioritization
    Pack Display

Elevate customer experience

Two phones with different stages of the loyalty app
  • Loyalty Module

    With your customized restaurant rewards and loyalty program, you increase brand loyalty and customer retention. We allow you to fully configure your own branding and business rules. Our insightful reporting helps to measure the efficiency of the rewards system and further optimize it.

    • Fully configurable levels and rewards
    • Configure your own business rules
    • Customer and rewards analytics
    Loyalty Module
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Know what your customers think and make the life of consultants easier. The reviews and NPS help your restaurant chain understand customer perception of products, stores, and services. Use this valuable feedback to optimize results and improve the performance of your stores.

    • Review Dashboard
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Chain-wide and focused view
    Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Consumer Data

    Understand your customers better and obtain actionable data chain-wide and focused. Our restaurant software covers the complete order journey and integrates with the payment and delivery providers. This allows you to obtain data from every step of the customer journey to improve your products and service end-to-end.

    • Customer information
    • Consumer preferences
    • User trends
    Consumer Data
  • Chain-wide Business Data

    Obtain actionable data and reporting chain-wide. We cover the complete order journey and integrate with the payment and delivery providers so that you obtain data from every step of the order journey to improve your business operations end-to-end.

    • Chain-wide reporting
    • Focused store reporting
    • More than 40 reports at your availability
    Chain-wide Business Data
  • Payment Provider Integrations

    With our extensive network of international payment provider integrations, you offer your customers a seamless payment experience.

    • Strong partnership
    • Easy integration
    • Flexible set-up
    Payment Provider Integration

What our partners say

20230111_LO_Apache Pizza

"S4D efficiently facilitates our omnichannel growth. Since the rapid implementation of the S4D software throughout our chain, we have been able to effectively scale our online business and the number of shops. All our sales channels have grown and become more efficient, whether at a store-level or in our HQ processes. "

Martin LyonsCEO at Apache Pizza

"Since the introduction of S4D platform, we have been able to exponentially scale our business. At each level we have full control, desired flexibility and real-time actionable data to do better business. Combined with a superb eCommerce platform and technical reliability, our sales have skyrocketed with a seamless technical solution."

Philippe VorstCEO at New York Pizza
20230111_LO_Apache Pizza

"We were looking for an industry expert who strives to solve the needs of quick-service restaurants with innovative software solutions. S4D is bringing both to the table, industry expertise and technical know-how!"

Jordan PendletonCTO at Apache Pizza

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