Improve Restaurant Chain Management

Have real-time insights into the performance of the stores and the customer experience. Having actionable data available is key to continuously improving your strategy for your restaurant chain.

Integrate an effective management into your strategy

Real-time insights and easy reporting

Create informative reports at store level with a simple click. Gain a deeper insight into areas that require immediate attention.

Consistent brand experience

Centralize brand and menu management for a consistent customer experience from order initiation to delivery across your restaurant chain.

Adaptable scalability

Combine scalable technology solutions and strategic advice for confident and sustainable growth of your restaurant chain.

Learn how to manage your restaurant chain effectively

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Check out our solutions for effective management

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    With our cloud-based Point of Sale display, you simplify the operational workflows in your store. An intuitive order intake and automated workflows make it easy to operate. The functionality is tailored to meet the needs of restaurant chains. It offers takeaway, pick up, delivery as well as dine-in features.

    • Cloud-based
    • Hardware-independent
    • Built for restaurant chains
    Point of Sale (POS)
  • Central Menu Management

    Manage and configure menus for stores and all channels in one central system. Stores can localize the menu when needed while customers enjoy a consistent order experience across your restaurant chain.

    • Centralized menu creation
    • User-friendly design
    • Cloud-based
    Central Menu Management
  • Delivery Management Software

    Delivery is our expertise. We enable you to optimize sales with dynamic delivery areas and full fleet management. Stores can manage the delivery service and driver fleet as part of our omnichannel solution for restaurant chains. Delivery management has never been easier.

    • Dynamic delivery areas
    • Real-time driver tracking
    • Vehicle and fleet managements
    Delivery Management Software
  • HR Management System

    Human resource-related topics can be easily handled within our HR Management System for restaurant staff management.

    • Manage access rights
    • Staff planning
    • Digital and editable
    HR Management System
  • Inventory Module

    Start understanding stock levels, costs, and sell-through rates with our Inventory Module and enjoy an overview of the movement of goods across your restaurant chain.

    • Digital stock management
    • Estimated and actual stock-level reports
    • Cost tracking
    Inventory Module
  • Payment Integration Services

    With our extensive network of international payment provider integrations, you offer your customers a seamless payment experience.

    • Strong partnership
    • Easy integration
    • Flexible set-up
    Payment Integration Services

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