About us

S4D is your ideal partner in growing your quick-service restaurant chain. With our omnichannel software solution, we can help you use data to bring more customers to your website and easily order their favorite food. We provide you with all points of sale to do better business, gain full operational control and gain your own actionable data.




Many restaurants are now taking advantage of new technologies to improve customer experience and streamline their operations. Our solution is designed to simplify the process for quick-service restaurants (QSRs) by providing a data-driven and comprehensive platform that handles various aspects of their business operations.

Our purpose is to bring growth and profitability by providing more orders and value per order. Restaurant chains need one omnichannel solution where they can manage the whole order journey, to scale and leverage all the opportunities that this digital era offers.

With all data in one platform restaurant chains can create a process that will help consumers order wherever and however they want.

The need for innovation isn’t new, but the means to do it have changed. In today’s world restaurant chains can choose an omnichannel software solution that is cloud-based and futureproof and specifically built for restaurants.

With industry expertise and cloud-native integrations, we enable fast go-live and continuous value-adding features so that our partners can create personalized food ordering experiences that make customers want to come back for more.


We are developers, designers, and marketers. Instead of juggling multiple suppliers, we can be your single partner to manage all digital aspects of your restaurant chain business. We help our partners become data-driven organizations to strategically scale their business and outperform competitors with rapid development and continuous innovation.




We are the partner for quick-service restaurants that exceed expectations and drive innovation for customers and franchisers to run their businesses themselves.

This is how it started

  • Today

    We have officially renamed our brand to S4D, offering the best omnichannel software solution to grow your QSR brand. As we continue to support the fastest-growing restaurant chains in Europe with our solutions, we strive to deliver actionable data that empowers our partners to constantly improve the customer experience. Our goal for 2025 is to be the number one software solution for QSR chains in Europe, processing an ever-increasing number of orders. Our promise to our partners is to help their QSR chains make the transition to omnichannel, allowing them to do better business

  • 2022

    2022 was a year of achievements for our company as we ended it with a strong team of over 75 employees. We also made great strides in expanding our reach globally by partnering with reputable brands in more than 10 countries, including Bakker Bart(NL), Apache Pizza(IR), and New York Pizza(NL,DE,BE).

  • 2019

    2019 was a great year for Solutions 4 Delivery! It all started with our launch customer, New York Pizza, rolling out to all 160 stores. We then took our show on the road and expanded to Ireland and Northern Ireland. But that was just the beginning. We really hit our stride when we entered the Romanian, Belgian, and German markets. We went from processing 1,000,000 orders in 2018 to a whopping 10,000,000 orders in just one year. It’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team and the fantastic products and services we offer.

  • 2017

    In 2017, we founded Solutions 4 Delivery with New York Pizza as our partner, and what a wild ride it’s been! We’ve got an all-star team of experienced pros, including Philippe from New York Pizza, Maarten from About: blank, David from Level-up Group, and Benjamin Kool, who brought their wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Together, we’re revolutionizing the industry with our cloud-based POS and all-in-one software solutions. It’s been one adventure after another since day one!

Board of advisors

Philippe Vorst

Supervisory Board

With more than 25 years as the founder and CEO of New York Pizza and Euro Pizza Products, Philippe is one of the most experienced pizza experts.

Philippe Vorst

Supervisory Board

Maarten Alleman

Supervisory Board

Maarten is the founder of the IT-development company about:blank and CEO of global data company Perseuss. Maarten helped creating the digital infrastructure of New York Pizza since over 5 years and has led the development team of S4D.

Maarten Alleman

Supervisory Board

David Beentjes

Supervisory Board

David combines his technical background with extensive Digital Marketing expertise as the CEO of ClickValue. ClickValue is one of Europe’s best Digital Marketing companies and has more than 10 years of experience in the pizza industry.

David Beentjes

Supervisory Board

  • Does S4D comply with GDPR regulations?

    Yes. At S4D we handle data with the utmost care. We comply 100% with the EU GDPR regulations and handle data according to local legislation and regulations.

  • How do I know my QSR chain will benefit from the S4D software?

    During an in-depth Discovery Phase, we will compare your current order management system and analyze your needs.

    On this basis, we will compare the capabilities of our omnichannel solution and map them out before we start a Pilot Phase in selected stores. This ensures that expectations will be met.

  • How does the implementation process of your restaurant solution look like?

    During a Discovery Phase, we understand what system requirements and needs your QSR chain has. During the Build Phase, the menu and website layout are created and any custom-required functionalities are built by our team. During the Pilot Phase, the system setup will be tested in 1-5 stores. Upon the successful pilot, we follow a rollout plan to equip all stores with the solution. As part of our partnership, we will continuously work with you to make sure we provide you with all the digital ingredients for your business success.

  • Is it possible to buy a single restaurant solution only?

    If your QSR business only requires a certain solution it is possible to exclude others. In order to leverage the power and efficiency of the omnichannel solution, your QSR chain is likely to benefit the most with the right package tailored to your business targets.

    Therefore, our teams will work closely with you to identify the solutions and modules that help you achieve your business targets.

  • Is the S4D POS system safe?

    Yes. Safety is at the heart of our business. Our software offering is ISO 27001 certified. In addition, we have annual external audits to ensure the highest safety standards.

  • What does the S4D support structure look like?

    Partners have a dedicated Customer Success responsible to ensure a smooth partnership.

    In addition, we offer support via WhatsApp chat, email, and phone seven days a week. Our support agents are trained to speak various languages to help in an efficient manner.