28 Mar 2023

Solutions for Delivery: Benjamin Kool Explores Transformative Paths for the Food Delivery Sector

QSR Uncut | 28 March 2023

Benjamin Kool, Co-founder and CEO at S4D was a guest in QSR Uncut, where he collaborated with QSR Magazine editorial director Danny Klein to discuss the challenges associated with the food delivery sector.
With over 100 episodes, QSR Uncut is a podcast from QSR Magazine, the leading magazine and the primary source of information and insight for quick-service restaurants in the US.
With a background in journalism and an enthusiasm for the food industry, Danny Klein questions the nuances of the fast-food restaurant industry, exploring its challenges and seeking to comprehend its complexity.
During the talk, Benjamin Kool offers insights into how an omnichannel approach might be the key to overcoming these obstacles.In addiction, he emphasizes the significance of their service, stating that

“Value is not only price, value is also the reliability of a partner being able to always deliver within a certain time frame, that they know the quality is always at a certain standard.”

Besides as the CEO of Solutions 4 Delivery, Benjamin Kool brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table.

Join the conversation between Benjamin Kool and Danny Klein, enlightening on the potential of omnichannel strategies to reshape the future of food delivery and address the sector’s urgent needs.

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