01 Feb 2023

Amsterdam-based Solutions 4 Delivery announces rebranding to S4D

31 January 2023

S4D, the all-in-one software solution for global restaurant chains, hitherto known as Solutions 4 Delivery has officially announced the news of their rebranding today. The rebranding efforts will be reflected in the change of name from Solutions 4 Delivery to S4D, and will come to life through a brand new logo and website in the new look and feel of the brand.

Benjamin Kool, co-founder & CEO, S4D: “By officially becoming S4D we strengthen the relationship with our restaurant chain partners who value us already as an omnichannel solution since we do much more than just delivery. The new branding reflects the young and innovative character of our company and team. Restaurant chains need a reliable partner to leverage digital innovations, who works collaboratively with them, including sharing benchmarks and best practices. The new logo and colors symbolize S4D as the beating heart of a growing QSR chain, combined with our commitment to connect powerful and innovative software with the expertise of our restaurant partners, to enhance growth now and in the future.”