21 Feb 2024 Posted in: Webinars

An Omnichannel Approach as Fuel for QSR Growth

Joost Geurtsen, the CMO of New York Pizza, the largest quick-service restaurant chain in the Netherlands, shared with us the transformative power of omnichannel strategies.

During Joost’s leadership, New York Pizza achieved its milestone of 300+ stores in the Netherlands.

To Joost, the “omnichannel” approach for restaurant chains is all about “understanding customers deeply, delivering exceptional experiences, and leveraging every available channel to drive growth”.

Explore the power of omnichannel for fueling the expansion of your restaurant chain!

Defining the “omnichannel” approach for restaurant chains

With an omnichannel approach for restaurant chains, all customer ordering channels are seamlessly integrated (website, app, self-order kiosk, and delivery platforms) with the operational side of the restaurants like the Point of Sale (POS), Kitchen Display System (KDS), Dispatching Display, and Driver App. Therefore, this approach helps restaurant chains gather all the data points to maximize their profitability.

Implementing an omnichannel approach for restaurant chains is way broader than one would think. Joost breaks it down by elaborating on its impact on customers, store managers, and the headquarters.

Omnichannel #1: Be where your customers are.

A key aspect of omnichannel is about meeting customers’ expectations when they are hungry—enabling them to order on their preferred ordering platform, as quickly as possible.

The ultimate goal should be to create a customer experience that resonates with individuals rather than bombarding them with irrelevant marketing messages.

This can all be achieved by leveraging your own ordering platform and data. That way you can continuously improve your understanding of your customers and refine your strategies on a day-to-day basis.

Omnichannel #2: Make customers feel special.

The omnichannel approach for restaurant chains is also about the ability to connect with customers. It’s crucial to do that in a meaningful way. It’s not just about making sales; it’s about creating an experience that makes customers feel special and valued. So they return to your platform.

Having our own platform has a unique advantage – the ability to truly understand our customers. Through extensive A/B testing, we gain insights into what works best, how to upsell and cross-sell, and even what suggested items we can include in their orders.

By leveraging knowledge gained from your own platforms, you can employ tactics like upselling or suggesting complementary products. This results in a higher average order value.

To optimize the customer journey for profitability, it is crucial to create a balance between upsells and conversion. The key lies in seamlessly integrating upselling opportunities into the conversion process. This ensures that customers feel empowered rather than pressured, or annoyed.

New York Pizza recognizes that having a larger customer base offers more growth opportunities.

By focusing on both increasing order value and expanding our customer database, we can achieve sustainable growth and maintain a healthy business ecosystem.

Omnichannel #3: Deliver on your promises.

The ultimate goal of the omnichannel approach for restaurant chains is to create those “wow” moments right from the very first order.

At New York Pizza, they do prioritize this, facilitated by their operational systems.

The S4D POS, Kitchen Display System, and even the Driver App label new customers.
This ensures that every staff member, and store manager, is informed and guided to provide a great first experience.

We understand the challenges caused by resource shortages, such as a shortage of staff in our stores. However, through the effective utilization of the S4D solutions, we can manage expectations and ensure that each order is delivered promptly, regardless of external circumstances.

New York Pizza enhances efficiency by leveraging S4D’s latest AI solutions, like:

  • AI-driven ETA Calculation predicts a more accurate ETA and enables tasks to be completed twice as fast with fewer employees. Via the lock screen notification, the ETA is communicated in real-time to the customers.
  • AI-Driven Recommendation Cards suggest personalized products, saving customers time and enhancing their experience.

Omnichannel #4: Make data-driven decisions.

In the end, it’s all about consistency. No restaurant business is just selling a product; they’re selling a brand, and everything should seamlessly align. By implementing an omnichannel solution, all data coming from both the customer and operational side becomes available for headquarters.

Collaboration with our franchisees plays a crucial role in delivering on our promises. To achieve this, we rely on a robust Point of Sale (POS) system that empowers franchisees and leverages data-driven decisions. – Joost.

New York Pizza’s approach involves empowering franchisees with the flexibility to engage in local promotions that best suit their local market. That way they ensure that each franchisee plays a significant role in their overall success.

The headquarters’ ability to access and analyze data is a significant advantage in supporting franchisees and making their job easier. With an omnichannel overview of all stores and the overall business, headquarters can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities. This data-driven approach allows them to provide guidance, optimize operations, and drive growth across the franchise network, ultimately growing their restaurant chain.

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