13 Dec 2023 Posted in: Webinars

An Omnichannel Approach as Fuel for QSR Growth

Learn first-hand from New York Pizza’s growth journey. During the webinar, Joost Geurtsen, the CMO of New York Pizza, will share practical insights on how the omnichannel approach has helped New York Pizza grow from 185 to 335+ locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

Learn how to use technology and data strategically and own your customer journey from A to Z.

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  • Best practices of running a successful local marketing campaign.
  • Insights into integrations with AI and upcoming developments in the restaurant industry.

Who is Joost Geurtsen?

Joost Geurtsen is an accomplished CMO based in the Netherlands, who has been leading the marketing strategy of New York Pizza for almost 5 years. So he understands the challenges within the quick-service restaurant industry.

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