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Scoring Big: How Quick-Service Restaurants Can Boost Sales with UEFA Euro 2024

During the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany from June 14th to July 14th, restaurant marketers are leveraging the event to position their brands in front of a vast audience.

With S4D we also see an incredible increase in orders for restaurant chains we work with during this period, for example, during England’s match, our UK-based chains had the highest revenue for a Sunday in the last year. The time of the matches seems to have a significant impact on pizza sales, especially. For instance, matches played during typical meal times (like 9 PM) appear to boost pizza orders significantly across all the pizza brands we work with.

Uber Eats order data also reveals that before games, hamburgers and fries are crowd favorites. During the game, orders for poké bowls and other meals rise. After the match, pizzas become the top pick. Moreover, Dutch football fans order fast food more often than other Europeans. Polish fans lean towards healthier options, followed by Germany and Portugal. Spaniards, similar to the Dutch, prefer fast food.

According to Catering Today, restaurant chains experience a significant boost in sales during Euro matches. For instance, there was a 33% rise in sales during Scotland’s Euro matches. Games against Germany and Hungary saw daily sales increases of 36% and 28% respectively.

Here are a few quick marketing strategies you can implement to score big during UEFA Euro 2024:

1. Launch special products

Introducing limited-time menu items or football-themed dishes can generate excitement and encourage customers to try something new. For instance, a restaurant chain could offer “EK Sharing Pizza XXL” or “Euro Snack Combos” during the football season. Football-themed packaging and meal deals, such as a “Game Day Combo” featuring a special burger, drink, and side in a football-designed box, can further enhance this experience.

2. Offer special discounts

Offering special discounts or promotions tied to match days can attract football fans to choose your restaurant over competitors. For instance, consider offering a discount for orders placed during halftime or when a particular team scores. For example, special promotions where customers get 20%-35% off if they place an order during game time. Data shows that these special discounts are highly favored by customers, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty during the football season.

3. Set up push notifications at strategic moments

Utilize push notifications to alert customers about match start times, special promotions, or new menu items. For example, send a push notification 30 minutes before kickoff with a message like “🏆 Game Time! Get 15% off on your order now!” or “⚽ New Match, New Menu: Check out our limited-time Football Feast!” Including emojis or football-related language can create a sense of excitement and urgency.

4. Add a touch of UEFA Euro 2024 to your home page

Customize your website or app’s home page to reflect the football season. For example, add a UEFA Euro 2024-themed banner and football-themed graphics to create a festive atmosphere. Or theme it like your national team! In Holland, they brand it orange, like the shirts of the national football team, to support their country. Tailored offers, like “Cheer with our Champion Combo! Enjoy 15% off our signature burger and fries combo during Euro 2024 season,” based on previous customer preferences, can greatly enrich the user experience and foster repeat visits. Our database underscores that personalized and themed home pages not only amplify user engagement but also bring substantial increases in conversion rates.

5. Give special loyalty rewards

Give special loyalty rewards during UEFA Euro 2024. Implement a loyalty program where customers earn points for every order placed during match days. This encourages repeat purchases and enhances customer engagement throughout the football season. For example, customers could earn double points on match days, unlock exclusive discounts, or receive free items after reaching a certain number of points. Another idea is to offer a “Football Fanatic” reward for those who make a purchase during every match of their favorite team, adding an extra layer of excitement and incentive for your customers.

6. Leverage the gathered customer data

Leverage the gathered customer data from this increase in orders as a valuable opportunity. Utilize data analytics to gain deep insights into customer preferences, order patterns, and overall performance. These insights can inform strategic decisions and continuously improve your offerings. By understanding customer behaviors during UEFA Euro 2024, you can effectively retarget these customers with personalized promotions and tailored experiences in the future (for example during the Olympic Games Paris 2024).


Enjoy the matches, and celebrate all the wins!

With the increase in orders during UEFA Euro 2024, having a reliable system with the right tools is crucial to handling operations effectively. Make sure that during the peak times, your e-commerce and POS can handle the traffic. Ensuring 100% uptime and 24/7 support is non-negotiable. Features such as real-time out-of-stock integrations and online order tracking can make a significant impact in satisfying hungry football enthusiasts. These functionalities not only prevent customer disappointment by promptly updating unavailable items on the menu but also provide real-time updates on order statuses to keep customers informed and happy.

S4D empowers restaurant chains to benefit from all these key aspects seamlessly, relieving headaches and allowing them to enjoy the matches and celebrate the wins.

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