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S4D uses AI-driven ETA calculation

At S4D, we want to give your customers the best experience by keeping your customers constantly informed about the status and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of their order. We believe that this is part of a true omnichannel experience for your customer.

S4D uses AI-driven ETA calculation

One of the most important metrics a customer takes into account when ordering food is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), for a more accurate ETA, restaurant chains should implement AI-driven ETA calculation.

It’s not only about delivering orders promptly for customers; they also place a high value on transparency in the process. Having insight into when their order will be delivered is crucial, and brands can meet these expectations effectively through proactive communication, including keeping customers informed about possible delays.

A recent study by Restaurant News (2022) found that 70% of customers want to track their orders in real-time, and nearly half of them demand an accurate delivery time estimate.

Our partners, such as New York Pizza and Pizza Hut, take this trend to the next level. They make use of innovative features like GIFs, loading bars, and order trackers, providing customers with real-time updates on the status of their orders. By doing this, they make sure to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of customer satisfaction.

Delivering to the promise of our partners

While the implementation of AI-driven ETA calculation is undoubtedly a game-changer in enhancing the overall customer experience, we understand that delivering to the promise is at the forefront of our partners’ priorities. Our system not only focuses on providing accurate estimated times of arrival (ETA) but is designed to align seamlessly with the commitment our partners make to their consumers.

We take our improved ETA calculation feature as a commitment to reliability and accountability in deliveries. At S4D, we’re enabling our partners to meet the promises made to their customers. It’s about clarity, dependability, and ensuring happy customers – not just a trend, but a step toward building trust in every delivery.

The impact of AI on ETA accuracy

At S4D, we have implemented AI-driven ETA predictions to empower any restaurant chain to meet the promise made to their customer and rival the service standards set by industry leaders like Uber Eats.

Up to now, our prediction models have become 32% better at predicting the exact time of delivery. Our program becomes even better during the busiest times, hitting a 57% accuracy rate.

“Adding AI to the mix wasn’t just about numbers. It’s a win-win for everyone. Headquarters get valuable insights, store employees find motivation in transparency, and customers enjoy more accurate ETAs.” – Marc Surer, Data Analyst at S4D.

Integrating AI into restaurant operations is not only about smoother workflow but also helps our restaurant partners save on costs.

Having a good system in place makes deliveries more accurate, saving stores time and resources. With AI-driven ETA calculation and precise delivery times, stores don’t have to waste time on the phone or give out coupons to make customers happy.

The importance of an omnichannel strategy when working with AI

When working with AI, quality data is key. To ensure the quality of your data, it’s necessary to have a strong omnichannel strategy in place. In straightforward terms, our smart algorithms analyze historical data, predicting ETAs based on order types, store activities, and even real-time traffic.

As a result of being an omnichannel solution that manages the operations side and the customer side, real-time information can directly be shared with your customers.

Store employees using our Kitchen Display System, Dispatching Display, and Pack Screen provide real-world context. Their inputs and interactions with our operations software are the building blocks for accurate ETAs.

And to bring it all together, when it’s time for delivery, mapping services (like Google Maps or alternatives) are being leveraged to deliver accurate location-based information to ensure spot-on location-based information.

As scalability is in our DNA, our Driver App seamlessly integrates into the ordering experience. With this, we aim to allow customers to effortlessly track their orders in real-time, from the store to their doorstep.

Customers love being in the loop with real-time updates

With our AI-driven ETA calculation customers can track their order effortlessly and receive constant updates in the shape of a sticky lock screen notification. No more guessing – just clear, real-time information at your fingertips. Check them out here:

Your customers, their orders, and your revenue stream – are always our first priority.

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