25 Apr 2024 Posted in: Blog

Must-Have Features for Your Restaurant’s App and Website

These are the features for your restaurant’s app and website if you want to take your online revenue, customer experience, and all the valuable customer and order data into your own hands.

The key lies in creating a website and app that strike the perfect balance between optimizing for conversions and maximizing the value of each order.

Restaurant brands in 2024 are looking for e-commerce solutions that match their brand identity. Something we think is equally important is to constantly keep innovating based on best practices from leading e-commerce companies (Amazon, Shopify) and restaurant chains (Pizza Hut, Apache Pizza, New York Pizza).

Features for your restaurant’s ordering app and website that convert:

1. Optimized Localization = Increased Conversion Rate

Screenshot depicting the restaurant app's localization page, helping users discover nearby dining experiences.



This feature helps the customers find the closest restaurant to them. It makes sure customers get access to the right menu based on their location.

Overall, localization makes sure that the app’s look, content, and features match the cultural tastes and expectations of users in various regions.

A/B tests show that this layout and functions are a must on the localization page. This feature brings a 4.5% increase in overall conversion rates.




2. Enticing Product Listing Page = Faster Decision-Making

Two screenshots of pizzas displayed on a product landing page, inviting visitors to explore menu options and make a purchase decisionThis page is where customers scroll through and view the items in your menu before making a purchase decision. The ultimate goal here is that customers add something to their baskets.

A/B tests enabled us to fine-tune our Product Listing Page. Even minor adjustments like the size of the “Add to basket” button, or the quality of the image matter.

This version of the Product Listing Page increases the revenue per customer by €0.80 (according to our partners).


Features for your restaurant’s app and website with personalization:

Other features that guarantee a competitive advantage for restaurant chains, be it against delivery apps or other restaurant brands depend on how well a restaurant brand can leverage personalization in their ordering app.

The features partnering restaurants (and their customers) are excited about are:

A personalized page for every type of customer:

Two screenshots side by side: one showing a page prompting loyal customers to use their rewards, and the other prompting non-loyal customers to enroll in the loyalty program.

This feature entails customizing landing pages based on customer characteristics, like whether they’re logged in or part of a loyalty program. For example, loyal customers see a special welcome message, while non-logged-in users are prompted to join with incentives like discounts. This feature has a positive impact on repeat visits and user registrations.

Personalized recommendations based on customer behavior (comes in 3 modes)

Image displaying three recommendation cards: one highlighted in spotlight mode, one generated by AI mode, and one for reordering mode

Our recommendation feature offers three modes to enhance the customer experience. Firstly, by displaying products recently ordered by customers, we add a personal touch while speeding up the ordering process, leading to higher conversion rates.

Secondly, restaurants can spotlight special products such as new recipes or seasonal specials, allowing customers to easily discover enticing offerings without extensive menu browsing.

Lastly, the most advanced mode utilizes machine learning to personalize recommendations based on each individual’s ordering and browsing behavior, the same way Netflix recommends movies.

Staying up-to-date makes or breaks a restaurant business

— especially in changing economic circumstances.

With an E-commerce partner constantly busy innovating your restaurant’s website and app, your business is in the right hands. Our solution is competing with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Shopify, Uber Eats, and on top, it is also specifically built for restaurant chains— that’s how it earned its title of “the Shopify of the quick-service restaurant market”.

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