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From orders to operations, every aspect of your pizza chain is simplified with our solution built for pizza chains.

Pizza chains that trust S4D with their digitals:

20230111_LO_Apache Pizza

"S4D efficiently facilitates our omnichannel growth. Since the rapid implementation of the S4D software throughout our chain, we have been able to effectively scale our online business and the number of shops. All our sales channels have grown and become more efficient, whether at a store-level or in our HQ processes. "

Martin LyonsCEO at Apache Pizza

"Since the introduction of S4D platform, we have been able to exponentially scale our business. At each level we have full control, desired flexibility and real-time actionable data to do better business. Combined with a superb eCommerce platform and technical reliability, our sales have skyrocketed with a seamless technical solution."

Philippe VorstCEO at New York Pizza
20230111_LO_Trenta Pizza

"S4D has helped us do better business with an improved bottom line. Thanks to our partnership, we were able to improve our operations by following their best practices and implementing a restaurant software designed for the fastest-growing chains in Europe."

Stefan AlecseCOO at Trenta Pizza
20230112_LO_Logo Herbies Pizza

"S4D for me is the one-stop shop for all digital things fast food. Whether it is about operations, visual experience, or data analysis, I know I can rely on S4D and their team. With such a clever, visually appealing product, benefits are inevitable. We trust that the team and the product will help us achieve our business goals."

Zack BrarOperational Manager

Helping pizza chains grow with solutions for:

Modern online presence

S4D offers constantly innovated e-commerce solutions, including a continuously optimized website,. app and loyalty program specifically built for pizza chains, to improve the customer experience and increase direct revenue.

Simplified operations

S4D delivers all digital tools necessary for simplifying pizza chain operations, enabling better preparation, packing, and delivery process. S4D's user-friendly tools enable pizza chain staff to become more productive, and streamline onboarding processes.

Clear data overview

S4D's centralized system collects all data, from all the touchpoints, into one central place. With real-time dashboards that visualize performance decision makers can easily overview and evaluate business performance, resulting in data-driven decision making.

S4D covers all digitals of your pizza chain

From customer experience to operations and data management, S4D’s software solution is specifically built based on the best practices and the needs of the fastest-growing pizza chains, making us the trusted software partner for many pizza chain decision-makers who are looking to grow their pizza business.


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Benefits seen by pizza chains after switching to S4D


Direct online revenue


Faster order fulfillment


Business data overview

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We service pizza chains with solutions for:

  • Customer experience
  • Operations
  • Data management

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